Harvesting belts with adjustable inclination for mussel farming allow to load the product on board conveying directly to the declumping machine. The ultra-resistant frame and the V-shaped structure of the chain of the belt are designed especially to transport safely mussel socks or ropes of any length. The inclination can be adjusted by using a protected hydraulic piston under the belt, so that the machine can be adapted for being used on every vessel or boat and ready for every situation.

The materiales utilized in the construction of this machine, as for every other machinery built by our company, are especially dedicated to the use in the marine environment and in the harshest conditions: the structure of the harvesting belt for mussel farming and of its V-shaped chain shovels are completely made of Aisi 316L stainless steel, all in line with the European Community regulations for the food processing sector.

Integrated processing systems

Specialized optional systems can be integrated on the conveyor belts, in order to perform some processing on the product while it is moving. For example, it is possible to wash and clean the product from mud, sand, or spat mounting a high pressure washing system for mussel socks. Another possible application can be an automatic cutting system for mussel socks, that allows an easier handling of the product when loaded directly on the declumping machine.

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