The re-tubing screw for mussel farming allows the easy creation of new mussel socks in tubular mesh of different dimensions, depending on the size of the product. The screw has been designed to work with mussel spat in its critical stage of growth, when the shell is extremely fragile and the declumping process would break too much product.

This machine has been specifically designed to allow the re-tubing of the product while it is freshly harvested and still in small bunches, clinged together through their byssus. In order to produce mussel socks of different diameters it is possible to change the bottom screws with a simple clamping system that doesn't require the use of tools.

The materiales utilized in the construction of this machine, as for every other machinery built by our company, are especially dedicated to the use in the marine environment and in the harshest conditions: the structure of the machine is made of Aisi 316L stainless steel, and materials suitable for the contact with food, all in line with the European Community regulations for the food processing sector.

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