The maritime signaling buoys are custom built according to the regulations of the local authorities. The dimensions and materials with which our buoys and floats are made make them particularly suitable to be installed in the open sea for the perimetral and central signaling of mussel farming, oyster farming and aquaculture plants in general.

The main body of the buoy is made of PE with rotational printing technique and is filled with high density expanded polyurethane. At the top of the buoy body is the radar-reflective structure shaped like an "X", or crossbuck. The signaling reflective structure can be placed at an height above sea level from 2000 mm to 3500 mm, depending on the requests of the competent maritime authority.

The buoys can be equipped with marine lights of different light range, which can be fixed to the top of the signal pole. The led marine light is self-charging through a solar panel incorporated in the body of the light itself, forming a single waterproof and practically indestructible monoblock. The LED lens is available with red, green, yellow, white or blue light, with visibility from 1 to 6 nautical miles, with fixed or intermittent flashing (over 200 pre-programmed encodings available).


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